I lived in princess dresses as a child

I lived in princess dresses as a child

My name is Caitlin Bryhn Lacey, and I started Lacerlot to fulfill my childhood dream: that someday, in my adult life, I'd be able to wear any dress in the world that I could imagine.  

Lacerlot is based on my personal observation that self-designed clothing elicits bewitching life experiences. The most enchanting nights occur while enveloped in a dress materialized from the universe of your own imagination. It's like Dorothy's glittery slippers: the right clothes paint the world in technicolor.

My dream is to make it easy for you to order a dress made with only you in mind from sketch to stitch, so that you can feel more beautiful and fearless than ever before. 

Lacerlot (lace-er-lot) is a nickname my mom calls me.

Lacerlot (lace-er-lot) is a nickname my mom has always called me

Here's how it all started: 

A few years ago I received an invitation to a red carpet gala in NYC. I had recently graduated from Stanford and moved to the city to work at a fashion tech startup, so wearing a designer gown like the other attendees was not an option. Unable to find a dress that I loved in my budget, I daydreamed a gown featuring transparent webs of crystals and a cascade of tulle crashing into a foam-like train behind me. 

I Googled "design your own dress," and discovered that no custom dress design service existed online. 

I decided to find a seamstress who could assemble the one-of-a-kind gown that I pictured clearly in my mind, but didn't have the sewing skills to construct myself. Around forty-five dressmakers told me "No" before I at last connected with a woman who excelled in beading, and who was patient as I described my vision in detail. 

Every aspect of the dress reflected my preferences, and even better, the gown was constructed according to my specific body measurements. 

The night of the gala, in my dream dress

The night of the gala, in my dream dress

The moment I slipped into the finished dress I nearly hallucinated spellbound twinkles swirling around me. I had never felt so transformed.

When I arrived at the gala, I attempted to avoid the red carpet entrance and slip in unnoticed. Bill Cunningham, the famed style photographer for The New York Times (and the spiritual leader of Fashion), left his position next to the arriving celebrities and chased me down to photograph me.

The Bill Gown

The Bill Gown

Bill made me feel like both Cinderella and my own Fairy Godmother simultaneously (read: I almost fainted with happiness).

The gown, since baptized "The Bill Dress", inspired me to conjure a new wardrobe for myself. I shopped for fabrics in my favorite textures and colors, then hired seamstresses to stitch yards of gorgeous materials stitched into silhouettes that were most flattering to my individual figure. 

Lacerlot gowns

Tides of Lacerlot gowns together

Friends and family quickly approached me with their own ideas about dresses they conceived for themselves. I had only created two dresses for myself personally by the time requests starting coming in, but I managed to find experts around the world who were masters of the corresponding techniques required for each dress. 

The April Gown by Lacerlot

April in her spellbinding gown

Those little twinkles Disney animates around princesses during transformative moments are real; I've seen them. I observed the same alchemy I experienced the night of the gala sparkle as friends turned to face the mirror in their new Lacerlot gowns. 

Through word of mouth women I didn't know personally began contacting me for their wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. I decided to launch Lacerlot to spread the magic to women everywhere. 

The Sierra Gown by Lacerlot

Sierra's fairytale ballgown

The dresses we wear should induce so much joy in our lifetime that we want to treasure them for the sakes of our future granddaughters. I want to know, and your future family will hope to see, your fantasy dress. Email us at to receive a complimentary design consultation. 

In 2016, I believe Cinderella would have ordered her ballgown on